ROUGH011 | Yusuke Yamamoto ‎– Roc Soft Raw

December 21, 2015

ROUGH011: Our latest ROUGH family member Yusuke Yamamoto from Japan made two dope tracks for us Roc Soft Raw & Woman. They both fit perfectly in the ROUGH history. We added a remix from Mike Sharon (Local Talk Traxx Underground MyHouse YourHouse) to the package. He did an superb...


ROUGH010 | DomSamba, Sanchez Gonzalo ‎– Untitled Guy

October 26, 2015

ROUGH010: It’s time for the ROUGH010! As special for our tenth release the two guys Sanchez Gonzalo & DomSamba did two tracks for us – “Chicago Guy“ from Sanchez Gonzalo & “Untitled B“ from DomSamba. They did an amazing job. On top of this package we added two more...


ROUGHLTD003 | Rough Cutz #One

October 19, 2015

ROUGHLTD003 A1. Zweimannzelt – Who’s Gonna Gain A2. Toronto Hustle – Feel Like Dancing B1. Tobi Danton – Ain’t (Dub) B2. Weber – Grown Up After our first releases with Rough Limited we decided to start a new vinyl only series – the “ROUGH CUTZ“. It’s a huge package...


ROUGH009 | Ruff Stuff ‎– Who Is

August 31, 2015

ROUGH009: Rough Recordings welcomes the newest family member from Italy Ruff Stuff with their amazing ep Who Is. It’s a huge package of three originals Who is, Still Pushing & Blast. The fourth track is a remix with a nice old school vibe of “Still Pushing” from Andrea Calabrese...


ROUGH008 | John Kimble ‎– Mo On the Keys

June 15, 2015

ROUGH008: John Kimble from Stuttgart joined the Rough Recordings family with his superb EP Mo On the Keys. It’s a huge package of two originals Mo On the Keys & NY House and two remixes straight from Stuttgart aka. the Motor City. All four artists represent the new generation...


ROUGH007 | Bs As Deep ‎– Rooftop of Love

May 11, 2015

ROUGH007: Rough Recordings welcomes the newest family member from Argentina “Bs As Deep” with his amazing single “Rooftop of Love”. It’s a huge package with two originals Rooftop of Love & A Good Smell”. The third track is a remix with a nice old school vibe of “A Good...


ROUGHLTD002 | Sebastien Vorhaus & 4004 – The Worship

April 21, 2015

ROUGHLTD002 A1. The Worship A2. You Make Me B1. Get That B2. Midnight II Soul After the first superb ROUGHLTD001 it’s time for the next release on ROUGH LIMITED. Sebastien Vorhaus & 4004 (Quintessentials, Faces Records & Vicario Musique Recordings) comes up with a four-track EP full of Jackin...


ROUGH006 | Fede Lng ‎– Driving Bodies

March 23, 2015

ROUGH006: Fede Lng shows up with a brandnew single on Rough Recordings. It includes three outstanding tracks with two originals “Driving Bodies” & Stompin’ Pleasures” and one remix from Mikki Funk (Music is Love | Sccucci Manucci) of Stompin’ Pleasures”. He pimped the whole package with his amazing UK...


ROUGH005 | Rhythm Operator – Behind The Scenes

January 26, 2015

ROUGH005: Rhythm Operator joins the Rough Recordings family with a huge package of two originals Behind the Scenes & Take Me Higher. The third track is a remix from Tobi Danton & daNapo (Rough Recordings | Alma Soul Music) of Behind the Scenes. They both represent the Rough Recordings...